Qomolangma Wylie Keyboard is developed and maitained by China Tibetology Research Center. It is developed based on Tibetan transliteration systems. Users who are familiar with Tibetan transliteration systems such as Wylie transliteration system, can be easily using this keyboard to type Tibetan in Windows system. The keyboard supports both Wylie system and the other one that is popular in China.
Qomolangma Wylie Keyboard is developed based on Chinese national standard and international standard of character set, which are GB13000, ISO10646 and Unicode. That means it only supports Unicode, and no Tibetan characters with encoding from other schemes can be allowed to be entered with our keyboard. With Qomolangma Wylie Keyboard, you can enter arbitrory Unicode Tibetan character, Tibetan letter, Tibetan stack, Tibetan syllable, or Sanskrit transliteration stack.
Qomolangma Wylie Keyboard is developed at Windows system level. It allows users to enter Tibetan not only in Microsoft Word, but also in other applications.

Qomolangma Wylie Keyboard supports Windows Vista and Windows 7, or later Windows OS. It can be used only on these operating systems.

You may download Qomolangma Wylie Keyboard from HERE.

Qomolangma Wylie Keyboard Installation Guide:

1. Required operating systems: Windows Vista or Windows 7, i.e. Qomolangma Wylie Keyboard should be installed on Windows Vista or Windows 7;
2. On Windows Vista or Windows 7, right click on QomolangmaInst.exe, run QomolangmaInst.exe with administrator's status;
3. Complete the installation with the prompts;
4. Go to "Control Panel", select "Language and Region", then press "Keyboard and Language", come to "Text Service and Language Input", press "Normal", then select "Add", select "Tibetan(PRC)", in "Keyboard", select "Qomolangma Wylie Keyboard", then press OK to close all opened Windows;
5. On Language Bar, you will see Qomolangma Wylie Keyboard in Tibetan keyboards BO.

Qomolangma Wylie Keyboard ® Version 2.0
Developed by Tashi Tsering and Wangdra Gyab
Copyright © 2009-2010, China Tibetology Research Center. All rights reserved!



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